A Journey of Healing

Jan Michael Looking Wolf - Musician/Educator/Author/Humanitarian

"A modern master of the Native American Flute, a premier performer of the instrument of our time."

- - - Billboard Journal

An enrolled Kalapuya member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde who resides within his indigenous homelands in Oregon and honored Army Veteran, Jan Michael Looking Wolf is a world renowned Native American flute player that has dedicated his life to sharing and teaching the Native American Style Flute. 

Following two strokes from a rare hereditary enzyme disorder prone to Native American people, Jan Michael was a paraplegic for almost a year in his late 20s.  His prognosis was to be paralyzed the rest of his life and never walk again.  After returning to his Tribal Reservation, Jan Michael received a miraculous healing and recovered 100 percent. It was during that time that he started playing the Native American Flute.

Jan Michael’s lifeway and musical expressions are based on the tradition of ‘ONE HEART’. In short, it is a universal truth that everyone is equal regardless of the color of our skin, tribal affiliation, language we speak, income, gender, faith, nationality or personal beliefs. ‘ONE HEART' is the recognition of Unity through Diversity.

Traveling a broad range of musical styles with 25 full length albums spanning o decades, his recordings have garnered 73 awards and a top 10 ranking in the global radio charts. In addition to his own albums, Jan Michael has collaborated with other well-known artists, introducing the Native American Flute into genres such as pop, blues, rock, and hip-hop/rap. He has composed arrangements for video productions and feature film. 

Jan Michael has dedicated his life to performing, teaching, and sharing the beauty of the Native American Style Flute.  Click here for what his students from all over the globe are saying.

During the journey here, I have found it is true that we are all related. Everyone across mother earth comes from an indigenous ancestor.  Music is the common language that we all share, it can bring healing for the world.” 

In 2020, Jan Michael received the Global Music Awards' highest honor.  He was presented with the Odyssey Award for Lifetime Achievement in Music. Just the previous year he became the first Native American in history to be inducted into the Music Hall of Fame by One World Music Radio with their Lifetime Achievement.
One of the most honored Native American recording artists in history, he has also received 9 Global Music Awards, an Indigenous Music Award, 2 Indian Summer Music Awards, 7 Native American Music Awards with 32 nominations there, the OFP Peace Star Award, and 2 One World Music Radio Awards for Best Native American Recording.
From the Global Music Award Founder and Executive Director, Thomas Baker Ph.D,  “You may be wondering why we chose to honor Jan Michael Looking Wolf with Global Music Awards’ most important award of the year. Jan’s talent, creativity, quality of his work and generous contributions to other musicians are unique in the field of music. We appreciate his insistence on using and supporting the crafters of authentic Native American musical instruments. Jan has been a pivotal force in promoting and sharing both traditional and new Native American music in America and around the world. We are thrilled and honored to award him our highest award, our Odyssey Award for Lifetime Achievement in Music.”
Visit the Global Music Awards Odyssey Award webpage more about the Lifetime Achievement Award for Jan Michael - LINK

Following years of research of the Native American Flute, Jan Michael created a curriculum for an accredited university course which he instructs regularly. He has authored two books that are published. “One Heart: Journey with the Native American Flute”, an eBook that focuses on the flute’s history and instruction, and “The First Flute”, an original story published by Red Deer Press.

With his commitment to support One Heart through the connection of music, Jan Michael founded the annual Native American Style Flute Awards (NASFA). The world's premier music award initiative for the genre, NASFA includes categories for all players, makers, and instructors of the instrument.

He serves as the Executed Director of the World Flute Circle with players from all over the world joining together with monthly online play along events for healing and world peace.

May you always walk in Beauty, may you always live in Peace, and may we all play together in Harmony.” 

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Robin Gentlewolf - Musician/Educator

RG is a multiple award winning Native American style flutist from Oregon who is a three-time commercial recording artist with albums Flute Dance, Sacred Journey, and a featured performer on Rising Moon (2019). RG's style with the native flute is very unique - a blend of indigenous embellishments and modern techniques with heartfelt expressions.  RG has won several awards for her Native American Flute recordings including 3 Silver Global Music Awards (album, instrumentalist) and the One World Music Award for Best Native American Music Album of the Year in 2019. 

She also serves as the Executive Director of the Native American Style Flute Awards (NASFA), the largest music recognition organization for Native American Flute. With players from countries around the world participating in NASFA's programs, RG helps lead a global movement of unity through music. For more about her work with NASFA - LINK

RG has assisted in the development of material for accredited university courses that focus on indigenous musical self-expression.  As part of her path to support other flute players, she regularly instructions workshops and leads flute circles.  



"May your heart be full of indescribable love, your life filled with joy and happiness beyond measure." 




Informative and fun event for Oregon elementary school students presented by Global Music Award Winning recording artist and instructor Robin Gentlewolf a.k.a. "RG".  Perfect for classrooms or large assemblies, RG presents the 3 most ancient instruments of the world and a variety of Native American Flutes - includes exhibits of indigenous instruments, age appropriate stories of the flute and performance of songs.  Engaging and educational!  

From a recent Elementary School Presentation by RG:

"Robin Gentlewolf gave a wonderful and engaging presentation for students from preschool through 6th grade at St. Paul Elementary. She demonstrated a variety of ancient instruments, in addition to providing historical information about each one. The presentation was interactive and age-appropriate for the students, who found Robin to be both fascinating and approachable. Her inspirational storytelling and beautiful flute playing made a lasting impression on all of us!"
 - Rachel Bomalaski Zakaria
   Music Teacher and Band Director
   St. Paul Schools