Student Testimonials

Jan Michael Looking Wolf has dedicated his life to teaching the beauty of the Native American Style Flute and helping players from all experience levels find their own style and flute journey. In addition to instructing accredited courses at universities, Jan Michael and RG regularly conduct online private lessons and workshops with players who are just beginning to the very advanced. He has authored an incredible eBook with easy to follow methods that takes players from the initial stages to advanced techniques. His Master Series Lesson Videos are a great way to learn as well. Here are what Jan Michael’s students from around the globe are saying about his teaching methods and programs.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf is an amazing teacher of the Native American Style Flute who's methods of instruction and technique are nothing short of revolutionary. He encouraged me and mentored me in my growth as a musician from the day we met. Jan is a humble, patient, centered soul , full of love and understanding always willing to share his talent and ensure that the Native American Style Flute endures for generations to come.
- Jack Flute Holland of Crazy Flute
NASF Recording Artist, Performer, and Instructor
Multiple award winning flutist including Native American Music Awards, ISMAs, NASFA
United States

Jan Michael Looking Wolf’s eBook, One Heart Journey with the Native American Flute helped me go from a new player to making my own songs now with ease and joy. Living in Japan, finding good lessons for the Native Flute is difficult. So much clutter online but when I found this eBook now my flute world is changed forever. ありがとうございました
- Yuki

There are a lot of resources out there for the Native American Flute today. However, Jan Michael’s innovative and truly authentic methods stand alone. For those of us fortunate enough to have studied with him, our flute playing has elevated to new levels. As an instructor, he has a unique ability to bring out the very best in his students.
- Tim Yett (Cherokee)
Flutist of the Year Finalist Native American Music Award
2-Time Native American Music Award Winner
United States

Great Online Workshops! Educational and easy to understand. Jan Michael has the flair to inspire and motivate his students. I would happily recommend his workshop to players of all levels!
- Silvia Blaser

Jan’s teaching has been my springboard to playing the NASF at a performance level. I greatly appreciate his respect for an individual’s style and taste in music. He has tailored his lessons to reflect that respect. And he makes them fun!
- Alan Fox
United States

As a long-time Native American Style Flute player, instructor and recording artist, I have had the pleasure of learning from several instructors over the years. I cannot say enough about Jan Michael’s incredible teaching techniques and methodologies. As a student in Jan’s apprentice program, I took his online workshops, one-on-one lessons, and video lessons. His instruction really helped me find and develop with my own flute style and voice. As a mentor, Jan Michael guided me through the journey in such a beautiful way, focused on my goals the entire time.
- Ben Grimes
Native American Music Award Debut Artist of the Year Finalist
NASF Instructor

I thank Jan Michael and his team for all they are doing for us. During the lockdown his online lessons were a real joy. We all had fun and became better flute players. He is our teacher and our friend. Hayu Masi!
- Renée François

Jan Michael's Native American Flute workshops, have helped me improve on my unique techniques and fluting skills. As a professional performer Jan Michael's classes add an extra level of learning and expanding on fluting skills for both professional and new flute players.
- Dr Sherrie Davis
Global Music Award Winning NASF Recording Artist
United States

As a very appreciative apprentice of Jan Michael's....through his connective lessons & teachings, he has the uniqueness of drawing out the inner voices of my soul through the Native American Flute.
- E. Hart
United States

I started my flute journey as a new player and worked with Jan Michael Looking Wolf through his personal lessons and eBook. His workshop series is absolutely transformative for players. As my playing progressed, I set a goal to record a commercial album and perform regularly. After just 12 months of study, both of those goals were achieved and would not be possible without the incredible teachings by Jan.
- Robin Gentlewolf
Global Music Award Winner
NASF Performer and Instructor

Jan Michael effectively creates an environment of inclusion, love and acceptance for all of those on the journey of learning to play the Native American Flute. Being his student has to taught me to develop a oneness with the flute, to cultivate a relationship with it just like a loved one. Jan Michaels desire for all to live as one is evident in his interactions with all of his students and communities.
- Michael Carreras
Special Education Teacher and Non-Profit Worker
United States

I have been learning to play the flute for approximately 18 months and felt that I wasn't progressing how I wanted too. A friend of mine recommended me to get in touch with Jan Michael and I soon applied to join the Apprentice Program with remote instruction. Jan has helped me so much and I have learnt a great deal not only about playing the flute but also the history of the Native American Flute. He is a brilliant tutor who is really patient and explains everything so easily. He is such a decent person who has become a lifelong friend. If you want to improve your flute playing, I highly recommend Jan Michael wherever you live in the world. You won't regret it!
- Simon Powell
NASF Player and World Flute Circle Administrator
England, United Kingdom.

What drew me to Jan Michael Lookingwolf is his experience as a performer, teacher, musician and artist. With a compassionate voice of wisdom, he is guiding me to new places in my flute journey. As one who walks in many worlds, Jan’s connections enable him to easily communicate from the heart- his song, and that which is most beneficial to all whom he encounters, all whom he calls family, and those who dare to dream and to “dance” with the flute. Here in this place of curiosity, one can explore what the Native Style flute has to offer. Jan aspires to take each student where they wish to go- ranging from the mundane to the technically proficient at every level. With a humble heart, and a good sense of humor, he brings to the table the tools which can help each student rise to new heights and find their voice - to be sung through their flute(s).
- Harriet C.
United States

Rarely does one encounter a soul such as Jan Michael Looking Wolf. He is a man of love and service, who believes in supporting and giving back to the community. In my case, I can testify that he welcomed me into the Native American Flute playing circle with welcoming arms like none other. I do not know what he saw in me, but he reached out to me and took me under his wing, and my flute playing has blossomed in unexpected ways because of the skills he gives me and the confidence he inspires in me.
- Stephen J. Padilla
MSgt (ret.) USAF
United States

I had the honor to take lessons from Jan Michael Wolf, His gentle guidance gave me the assurance to improve my abilities and creativity. His approach help to develop a personal style that is awesome and make it unique ~ All comes from the heart and goes back to the universe this is what Jan is about Love and connections.
- Katya Gordon
United States

Apprentices join programs for many reasons including learning to be a better player. As a person who already has a strong playing style, I joined Jan Michaels apprenticeship program to learn more about his teaching style and to pick his brains about the other aspects of managing your teaching and music career. Jan’s amazing wealth of knowledge and experience in developing his teaching material, his knowledge of the music industry, creating videos, and all that goes along with creating an online presence as an instructor or performer is exactly the thing I was looking for. Jan has all of this and shares his knowledge and experience willingly. As an instructor, Jan works with an individual to determine the best path to achieve the desired goals of the student. I enjoy my sessions with Jan as he gives me inside access to information about the music and teaching side of things, I continue to learn from him not only in the apprentice session we have but through his online presence through Facebook, his website and his own written teaching material. I value the time I spend with Jan. Even if you are already a good player there are many, many things that Jan can offer solid guidance and support with. Jan is providing me with exactly what I asked for in setting up my apprenticeship with him.
- Terry Mack, The Wind Weaver
NASF Instructor, Recording Artist and Performer

Speaking as a graduate and continuing student of Jan Michael Looking Wolf...I had always loved the sound of the flute and having Native heritage I wanted to learn to play. I bought a flute several years ago and although I tried to play it and even watched a few tutorials on you-tube I could barely squeak out a note let alone play a "song". I was frustrated and put it away, feeling defeated. Flash forward to March 2019. A flute workshop was offered to me featuring Jan Michael Looking Wolf as the instructor. I thought, "Maybe I'll get "something" out of it." What I got was the journey of a life-long dream to play the flute. That one workshop led me into an apprenticeship with a master instructor of the Native American Style Flute. With Jan Michael's encouragement, guidance and lessons, he has pulled songs out of me I never knew I had inside of me. Within a year’s time of structured and ongoing lessons, Jan Michael has had me performing onstage with my flute and even making a recording of one of my many songs I have now written. I never in my wildest imaginations would have ever thought I could have even played one song let alone the many I now know. Jan Michael is a master at intuitively assessing and knowing where you are and what you need in your ability to play the flute. He guides you beyond your own limitations and has you playing beautiful melodies before you even realize it. I highly recommend him as an instructor and mentor!
- Lorene (Little Wolf) Sandall
United States

Jan Michael is the best cheerleader and toughest coach I’ve ever had. He’s always been encouraging and supportive of my fluting efforts. His advice is always delivered with kindness and compassion. He’s an expert at diagnosing even the tiniest, most subtle things I’m doing that are holding me back, and then helping me fix them. In short, Jan Michael is exactly the teacher I need at this point in my flute journey!
- Sara Trask Marvin
United States

Taking lessons and workshops from JM Looking Wolf has taken my native flute playing to an entirely new level – and quickly. From the first lesson, he gave me techniques that just changed my playing right away. I took several online workshops from him as well with the same positive results, he works with each player and we all learn from each other. One word – transforming!
- Lucas H.

As a NAF instructor, performer, and flute purveyor, I was thrilled to be accepted into Jan Michael’s Apprentice Program. My focus: To learn the nuances and minutia of playing within each note so my music can dance and shimmer with each note as his does. Though we have different styles and tastes in our music, Jan Michael helps me explore my voice and bring out the richness, intricacies, and cadence I seek. We stay on point in our sessions, with follow up contact, and clear, precise detailed homework. Jan Michael keeps me on task without dimming my exuberance. I also participate in his group workshops. I find this a wonderful way to put what I have learned into practice by playing on the spot and picking up new information through listening to the others in the group.
- Helen of Helen’s Willow Wind
Award Winning NASF Instructor and Performer
United States