Robin Gentlewolf, a.k.a. "RG"", is a multiple award winning Native American  Flute Player from Oregon who is an accomplished commercial recording artist with albums Flute Dance, Sacred Journey, and Rising Moon. RG's style with the native flute is very unique - a blend of indigenous embellishments and modern techniques with heartfelt expressions.  RG has won several awards for her Native American Flute recordings including 3 Silver Global Music Awards (album, instrumentalist) and the One World Music Award for Best Native American Music Album of the Year.

RG also serves as the Executive Director of the Native American Style Flute Awards (NASFA), the largest music recognition organization for Native American Flute. 

For more about her work with NASFA - LINK

RG has assisted in the development of material for accredited university courses that focus on indigenous musical self-expression.  As part of her path to support other flute players, she regularly instructions workshops and leads flute circles.  

NASF Player? Online Lessons Available! RG can help guide you to a closer connection with your flute.  From just starting out to the very advanced player, learn techniques and methods that will help broaden your playing abilities. RG specializes in helping players find joy in that purpose.

Online lessons with RG are roughly an hour each and can be scheduled one at a time.  The cost is $45 per lesson.  

Email RG directly at robingentlewolf@outlook.com



"May your heart be full of indescribable love, your life filled with joy and happiness beyond measure." 




Informative and fun event for Oregon elementary school students presented by Global Music Award Winning recording artist and instructor Robin Gentlewolf a.k.a. "RG".  Perfect for classrooms or large assemblies, RG presents the 3 most ancient instruments of the world and a variety of Native American Flutes - includes exhibits of indigenous instruments, age appropriate stories of the flute and performance of songs.  Engaging and educational!  

From a recent Elementary School Presentation by RG:

"Robin Gentlewolf gave a wonderful and engaging presentation for students from preschool through 6th grade at St. Paul Elementary. She demonstrated a variety of ancient instruments, in addition to providing historical information about each one. The presentation was interactive and age-appropriate for the students, who found Robin to be both fascinating and approachable. Her inspirational storytelling and beautiful flute playing made a lasting impression on all of us!"
 - Rachel Bomalaski Zakaria
   Music Teacher and Band Director
   St. Paul Schools

Robin can be reached directly at robingentlewolf@outlook.com or by phone at 541-619-5732.


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