Native Rose Band

"A Beautiful, Inspirational, and Elevating Musical Experience"

 Jan Michael assembled world class musicians to form a special performance group that promotes world peace, cultural diversity, and unity. The uplifting music fusion of Native Rose includes a beautiful blend of vocals, Native American Flutes, guitars, indigenous chants, violin and world percussion that share an inspirational message of everyone's connection to each other and Mother Earth.
"Music is the language that all of humanity shares.  Through our incredible diversity, music is medicine to our spirit and can help us heal together.  The message of Native Rose is that we all come from Mother Earth.  There is hope to live in peace, sing together in harmony and walk in beauty together".
Native Rose shares this vital message through a variety of media projects and performances at live venues.  The band has released several songs, with the most recent single "We Rise", an anthem for world peace published in 2024.   

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 Meet Native Rose

Jan Michael Looking Wolf - Guitars, Lead vocals, Native American Flutes - "Music is the language that all of humanity shares.  Through our incredible diversity, music is medicine to our spirit and can help us heal together.  The message of Native Rose is that we all come from Mother Earth.  There is hope to live in peace, sing together in harmony and walk in beauty together". Jan Michael is one of the world’s most notable Native American recording artist/performers, with 29 albums garnering over 70 awards that include the Global Music Awards’ highest honor for Lifetime Achievement, Native American Music Awards Artist of the Year Winner, and Hall of Fame Inductee by One World Music Radio.  Jan Michael is an enrolled member of the Kalapuya Tribe in Western Oregon and a direct descendant of Kalapuya Chief Joseph Sangretta.  In addition to touring and recording, Jan Michael is a full time Senior Instructor of Cultural Diversity and Native American Flute at Oregon State University where he has taught accredited curriculum for over19 years.  He has authored two published books and composed indigenous music for feature films.  A recipient of the OFP Peace Star Award, Jan Michael has dedicated his life to supporting healing and peace through his music.



RG - Native American Flutes, Vocals - "Musical self-expression is an inherent right for all people across the earth.  It is such an honor to be able to share our stories and feelings together in the group.  I love it when our audiences sing and chant with us!" Robin Gentlewolf aka "RG" is known for her masterful, heartfelt flute melodies.  With 8 Global Music Awards, 5 LIT Talent Awards, and several commercial albums published, RG's musical journey includes performances with symphonies, at large venues, Tribal events with Jan Michael, and with Native Rose.  As a soloist, she released "Colors of Life" in 2023 that features her flutes with beautiful guitar work by former Sony Artist Keith Sommers.  RG also works full time as a Flute Instructor with an online program that includes students from across the globe and is the Co-Host with Chrissie Sheppard of a popular radio program, "The Dreaming Flute" which features music by established and new internationally artists.  She co-authored Jan Michael's e-course book, lectures music at universities, and is working on a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Science.



Daniel Saltvick - Guitars - "Music to me is part of being alive.  It's part of my heartbeat and soul. The Native Rose project shares inspiration and hope, something that everyone needs." Daniel is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who plays guitars, percussion, and piano.  He has toured the UK with Jan Michael and shared the stage at several large venues.  



 Mark Babson, Symphony Violinist 

Mark is a musician who grew up in Salem, Oregon. He worked in professional orchestras in Mexico in the 1980s and around 2000, and he studied in a music conservatory in the Netherlands for 4 years. He has played in a salsa band, a klezmer band, and with old-time (fiddle) players.

“It’s my pleasure and my privilege to play in Native Rose” says Babson. Jan Michael’s song Live As One says it: We are all related. Each and every one. When we put our hearts together, there's nothing we can’t do.”

“I love putting my energy behind something that brings people together to recognize our shared humanity, and our kinship with all life. I have grown as an artist and as a person through my association with this group.”

Mark is a social activist and a deep student of nonviolence. He likes to look at birds, go for walks, read books, and study languages. In his twenties he once walked across Europe, from Holland to Italy. 


Michelle Lovrich - World Percussions, Vocals - "Rhythm is free and is in everything. My goal is to show people they can feel, play and have fun with rhythm!” 

In addition to performing with Native Rose, Michelle is the founder of Drum Circle Connection in Corvallis, Oregon. She has been the host and facilitator of the Corvallis’s 1st Saturday Community Drum Circle for 15 years. Michelle also teaches traditional West African style drum classes in person, online and privately as well as facilitates community drum circles for small and large groups.

Michelle uses her colorful palette of instruments from around the world to guide groups through experiencing the connection, joy and unity that comes from playing rhythms together. Michelle has collected a wealth of rhythmical knowledge that she shares onstage with Native Rose.



Lori Little Wolf - Native American Flutes, Vocals, Hand Drum - "When I breath into my flutes to play melodies, I am also sharing notes from my heart to honor Mother Earth and all of Creation." Being a musician runs in Lori's family. Lori has been singing since a young child. Later in life, she discovered a natural connection with the Native American Flute and began her journey as a recording artist and performer. Lori has shared her flute medicine music with many others at a variety of venues including festival amphitheaters, performance groups, duets with RG, events for Jan Michael's Tribe, as a soloist, and of course with Native Rose. In addition to music with the band, Lori is working on her first solo album project. Lori has shared her music with children as a Salem-Keizer educator and now when substitute teaching. She is also a multi-talented artisan who enjoys silver smithing, leatherworks, lapidary art, and making custom jewelry for her friends and family. A lover of animals, she is owned by three dogs and spends as much as time with them as possible. Lori feels deeply connected to nature and is a community member of the Willamette Valley in Western Oregon.


 Neal Grandstaff, Guitars, Vocals, and Compositions

 Neal has been a performer, producer, composer, musical artist and, teacher for the better part of four decades.

To quote Neal:

“Native Rose is a beautiful collaboration of amazing artistry, inspired directly by my close friend, and 'One Heart' originator, Jan Michael Looking Wolf.

Looking Wolf is a global award winning and world class Native American Flute icon. I feel his latest work to be more than essential. It is truly the healing the world needs and I believe we can be a part of that very important change which is needed now, more than ever.

I am honored to be part of this vision and, I am sure everyone who joins with us, in this truly healing and beautiful music will agree…. It is transcendent. I believe each heart will step away feeling the love and healing of the “One Heart” experience that we know will change the world, together, as one, for all of us.”  For more about Neal Visit His Website!