Robin Gentlewolf's Intuitive NASF Notation System! Making learning and creating your own songs easy!

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Learn an easy way to help create your own music, recall your techniques, and to document your songs and melodies on paper for future reference!

It can be really rewarding for players of the Native American Flute to notate their songs, techniques, and melodies on paper.  This method is very helpful in creating original songs, learning popular music, placing embellishments in the melody, and above all to help the player recall how to play the song later.

Unfortunately, most systems today are very complex and require hundreds of hours to effectively learn for players to comfortably use and benefit from.  Most of these systems put the players in a "box" and do not include memorable symbols for enough techniques etc.

Robin Gentlewolf created the first ever, truly easy-to-learn and use system for finger placement AND technique/embellishment that incorporates simple numbers and symbols.

Her system is intuitive, meaning players find it immediately relatable and useful.  Over many years, Robin has shared her copyrighted system at workshops and with her students.  Now, with this workshop, it is available for you to elevate your flute journey!

Included:  Link to view the workshop with a special presentation and training.  Also, pdf handouts of the Numeric and Symbols for quick reference.  You can save them digitally and/or print them.

This workshop is in an interactive format (like all our workshops and lessons here) - meaning, you will be playing your flutes and participating in the new techniques/exercises. 

You will receive a viewing link via email immediately upon purchasing with no limit on re-watching.  Also, for those who wish to download the On Demand Workshop and Lessons to their devices for off line viewing, there is a one step process by clicking the down arrow on the bottom right of the video player.