Flute Workshop On Demand - Immediately Elevate Your Playing! Free Download!

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After 20 years of teaching the Native American Flute, I still learn more about how to improve technique and mastery every day.
Recently, I have worked to refine new, very unique approaches and methods with exercises that will immediately elevate your technique, connection, control, and over-all ability to play your flutes.  During this time, I have worked with my team, students, and some graduate apprentices of my flute academy to transfer these powerful methods into this On Demand Workshop Video that will literally take your playing to a higher level, regardless of how long that you've been playing the NAF.  For example, developing these methods have remarkably improved my playing as well.
This workshop contains 73 minutes of training and in an interactive format (like all our workshops and lessons here) - meaning, you will be playing your flutes and participating in the new techniques/exercises.  
You will receive a viewing link via email immediately upon purchasing with no limit on re-watching.  Also, for those who wish to download the On Demand Workshop and Lessons to their devices for off line viewing, there is a one step process by clicking the down arrow on the bottom right of the video player.