Standing Elk (Full Version w/ Band) - Free Download!

Standing Elk (Full Version w/ Band) - Free Download!

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This is the version of Standing Elk with Jan Michael's Band of Brothers, chants, multiple flutes, guitars, and drums.

About the song Standing Elk:

The song Standing Elk is a beautiful tribute to the power of connecting with our feelings and expressing them openly.  After suffering an unexpected loss of Jan Michael's mentor and uncle, Michael Standing Elk,  he put his own feelings aside and hid them from others because of guilt.  Once Jan Michael remembered his Uncle's teachings and embraced his own feelings, the journey of healing could begin.  It was in that moment that the melody for the song was created.  

Michael Standing Elk received his Tribal name as a child because he was deeply connected to the elk and would often visit with them.  About 10 years prior to his passing, he took Jan Michael into the forest where a bull elk had died.  With tears rolling down his face, Standing Elk said, "Nephew, these tears aren't from sadness, they are from love.  When you miss someone, it's ok to cry."

Over 2 decades Jan Michael recorded the Standing Elk Melody on several albums, with each version in a different musical style.  We also offer the solo-flute version as a digital download (look for it in the digital singles collection).

NAF Player?  Would you like to learn the melody and beautiful techniques that Jan Michael incorporates in Standing Elk?  We have a Workshop On Demand, "The Standing Elk Experience" that includes lessons on how to play the song, the many embellishments that are combined for the melodies, and an AMAZING story told by Jan Michael himself about the song.  Click here for more.