"Flute Shine" Album - Free Download!

"Flute Shine" Album - Free Download!

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Jan Michael's new album commercially released December 8th, 2022!

*scroll down to the music player to preview the tracks*

Five new, original tracks of traditional style Native American Flute that include solo flute, flute with indigenous percussions, and a song with vocal chants and flute together.  
The One Heart Honor Song melodies came to Jan Michael in a very special way following playing at a Tribal Elder's funeral on his reservation.  The chant came first and then the flute.  Since, Jan has shared the honor song at several events across the states.
While in the studio recording the album, every note came from his heart with gratitude for the connection that we all share on Mother Earth and hope for a future where love outshines the darkness of hate once and for all.  
"I hope that you enjoy these special honor songs.  Let your heart shine bright and may you always walk in the beautiful light of love." Jan Michael Looking Wolf  
*Flute Shine is exclusively available here until it is posted on 60+ digital outlets early next year*