"Dreamcatcher" by Standing Elk and Looking Wolf

"Dreamcatcher" by Standing Elk and Looking Wolf

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This is the only album recorded by Jan Michael's late Uncle Michael Standing Elk (Jan is named after him).  It was recorded and mixed on their Indian Reservation in Western Oregon in the early 2000s.  The great grandson of Tribal Chief Joseph Sangretta, Standing Elk was an Elder and leader to many in his Tribe and known internationally for leading ceremonies.  He worked as a drug an alcohol counselor and created programs for native youth across the country.  Standing Elk was awarded for that work by Attorney General Janet Reno.  He passed tragically in 2005.  "My heart was broke when we lost him.", Jan Michael recalls, "I still feel him in every note that I play." 

Dreamcatcher includes beautiful songs where Standing Elk sings of his journey on the reservation and experiences as a Native American healer.  Jan Michael helped write the songs and plays his flutes on many of the tracks.  Together, they recorded late into many evenings over several months to complete the album.  Often lighting sage and praying during the recording sessions.  Though, Jan Michael and his Uncle would also joke and laugh as well.

Standing Elk's vision of One Heart and equality for all people regardless of ethnicity, race, and personal beliefs is the main inspiration for Jan Michael's music.


Michael Standing Elk