Autographed "Rising Moon" CD - 2 disks set

Autographed "Rising Moon" CD - 2 disks set

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Together with ONE HEART, we share in her beauty...touched by her glow...guided by her light...RISING MOON.

Years in the making, Rising Moon is Jan Michael’s newest full album release and features several songs by Robin Gentlewolf. A two-disk set with a CD of flute with full accompaniment and another CD of pure solo flute. Heartfelt melodies of love, peace, and the connection that humanity share with mother earth and each other. The flutes for this album were created by David O’Neal of Rising Moon Flutes.

Both Jan Michael and RG will personally autograph the album!

Disc 1 – Flute with Accompaniment

  1. Rising Moon

  2. Knocking on Heaven’s Door

  3. Live As One

  4. Ascension

  5. Falling Star

  6. Giver My Heart

  7. Arms of the Angel

  8. Joy Inside

  9. Dancing in the Light

  10. The Sacred Gift

  11. What the World Needs

  12. Standing Elk

  13. Beautiful Journey

  14. Flute Circle Song


Disc 2 – Solo Flute

  1. Strawberry Moon

  2. Heaven’s Gate

  3. Oneness

  4. The Rising

  5. Nova

  6. Take My Heart

  7. Angel Wings

  8. Inner Bliss

  9. Sunbeam

  10. Love is the Gift

  11. Peace Song

  12. Michael Standing Elk Tribute

  13. Walk in Beauty

  14. Harmony Circle 

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