One Heart Honor Song/Combining Techniques/Using words to create a new song!

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Elevate your playing with this three-part workshop!  

Part 1 - Learn to play Jan Michael's beautiful "One Heart Honor Song".  Jan shares a step by step instruction of how to play the flute melody and sing the chant for his original Tribal honor song from his new album "Flute Shine" - ** Scroll to bottom of this page -You can watch Jan Michael, RG and the Looking Wolf Band perform the song live in the video below or listen to the One Heart Honor Song in the music player below (it's 2nd in the player)**  The song starts out with chants and then repeats with the native flute.  The message of the One Heart Honor Song is that everyone is important and unique.  Out of 8 billion human beings on Mother Earth, there is only one of you!  Only you have your feelings, your life experience, your wisdom, and your journey.  Our feelings are the most valuable thing that we will ever ever have.  This song pays honor to everyone's own personal power...the power of your own feelings.
Part 2 - An advanced breakdown of embellishments and techniques and methods to combine them - Note dropping, bending, vibrato, tongue embellishments, and more!  With close up views showing finger placement and personal coaching, Jan shares how to combine embellishments to make your flute sing beautifully.  His approach makes it easy to understand advance techniques and to connect with your own flute "voice".
Part 3 - Using your unique way of talking and moving to create melodies.  Jan has developed a innovative but very easy to learn methods for players to create their own original melodies and songs that reflect each of their unique personalities.  In this segment of the workshop, he provides a fun, light hearted, inter-active demonstration.
This workshop contains 108 minutes of training and in an interactive format (like all our workshops and lessons here) - meaning, you will be playing your flutes and participating in the new techniques/exercises. 
You will receive a viewing link via email immediately upon purchasing with no limit on re-watching.  Also, for those who wish to download the On Demand Workshop and Lessons to their devices for off line viewing, there is a one step process by clicking the down arrow on the bottom right of the video player.
*Scroll Down for Video and Music Player for the One Heart Honor Song*