New!! 7 Directions - 7 Songs - 7 Flutes

New!! 7 Directions - 7 Songs - 7 Flutes

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Recorded LIVE at the beautiful Minto Island nature reserve in Jan Michael's Tribal homelands, 7 Directions - 7 Songs - 7 Flutes includes solo flute performances from the LIVE concert video and the connection of each direction that all of creation shares - East - South - West - North - Up (Father Sky) - Down (Mother Earth) - Inward (the 7th direction).

Jan Michael performs stunning flutes in a variety of keys with each song that tells a story of it's direction.

Indigenous cultures from all over the world share a recognition of the energy and power of the directions.  In this inspirational and melodic recording, the incredible sounds of the flute in a nature take the listener on a journey of beauty, peace, and harmony.

Watch the full concert below!