Triad of Synchronicity - Finger Placement, Tongue Embellishment, and Breath Control, from first steps through mastery

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Included in the Triad of Synchronicity Workshop is an in-depth, advanced level look at the relationship between finger placement, tongue embellishments, and breath techniques.  Understanding, connecting, and mastering this triad is essential to the development of a player's skill and ability to express themselves musically. This workshop is 44:05 minutes long.

The workshop can be immediately accessed upon your purchase with a link and instructions sent to the email address that you provide! Re-watch the workshop as many times as you wish with no limitations.  Also, for those who wish to download the On Demand Workshop and Lessons to their devices for off line viewing, there is a one step process by clicking the down arrow on the bottom right of the video player.

Using an interactive pedagogy (teaching approach), Jan Michael shares his unique and easy-to-learn techniques that he’s developed over two decades of performing (over 700 venues), recording (28 commercial albums), and instructing accredited University Courses that centers on playing the NASF (over 17,000 students have graduated his courses).  He has mentored many well-known NASF recording artists and others through hundreds of private lessons and workshops, and an NASF Apprenticeship Program.