Tribute Song: "Evitan's Dance" Digital Single

Tribute Song: "Evitan's Dance" Digital Single

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Written and recorded by Jan Michael Looking Wolf

From the heart of Evitan's mom - Clysta Crying Wolf Cole (her words for the world)

The day before my son left me with his last words of "I'll be back", I told him "listen to me, let me talk because one day I will not be here for you to hear my voice".  Out of the many things a mother wants, one is to prepare her children for the day she joins the sky world knowing she gave them as much wisdom and guidance as they will need to walk their journey.

Dec 9th 2018 my oldest, Evitan, joined the sky world. This may be sad to some, but it is not sad to me, it is my journey to walk and has its moments of sadness - I am surviving my son's homicide. However, I have uplifting words to offer from my heart ...

Listen when our children speak, they will teach us the things our ancestors need for us to learn, they will teach us the things we never knew we needed to know.  Listen to them, they will provide us the strength, wisdom, and guidance we never knew we were missing till we learn it and realize that's what has been missing our whole life. My son taught me so much as I listened with my heart.

I pray every day with so much love for the young man who walks this earth on his journey, the young man who pulled the trigger sending my son upon his journey to the sky world. I lift him up. Intergenerational trauma is what lead my son and this young man to their paths that gave me this journey that I now travel. 

When I miss my son I honor his life and memory by praying for the young men and young women who are still with us. Our youth are sacred there are no exceptions.

When we find healing for ourselves we heal our ancestors and provide a healed world for the generations to come. My son's life was to serve a greater purpose, a purpose to lead me to healing and now also for many others through this song by my Tribal brother Jan Michael Looking Wolf.

My beautiful son was named Evitan (Native spelled backwards) so that when he looked back upon his name he would never forget who he was Native, now let his name stand for us looking back and learning from the past to make a better future for our children, our Elders, and each other.

"Let us not lead our youth into temptation, but lead them with the respect of their ancestors"

All my relations,

Clysta CryingWolf Cole

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