RG's Student Testimonials

Here's what RG's Native American Flute students are saying!!

It has been my honor to learn Native American style flute with Robin Gentlewolf as my guide. Her heartfelt enthusiasm for teaching and learning was apparent from our first conversation and is the foundation of every lesson. I am deeply grateful for the space she creates which allows me to fluidly and authentically express myself through the flute. Working with Robin always brings me joy while also bringing me deeper into my creative process. 

Heather Perretta, USA

RG is an incredible flute teacher.  You will feel comfortable with her from day one.  She will guide you, challenge you, and support your flute journey.  She teaches in a way that is understandable and will work with you until you master the technique she is teaching.  RG helped to move me along with writing my own songs for the flute by teaching me her intuitive method for notating melodies.  When I wanted to change my flute playing, she understood and made several suggestions to help break me out of my current mold.  Whether you are a beginner or years into your flute journey, RG will listen to your needs, understand them, and help you move forward.

Mary Lou Nosco, USA

I have been studying with Robin Gentlewolf for about 8 months. When I started, I had some basic flute concepts and could play some songs, but I felt like my playing was unfocused and not improving. Robin assessed where I was musically and designed a course of instruction for me that kept me challenged and engaged throughout the entire period. She is obviously an outstanding flute player, but she is also able to impart her knowledge to others. I learned something useful in every single class I have taken with her and my flute playing has improved greatly, such that I have written a few songs of my own. I now look forward to practicing every day and I usually pick up my flute several times a day just for the sheer joy of it.  If you are a new player, I am sure she will get started on the right track, but if you are a player like me, who has some experience, but you feel like your playing is not improving over time, or if you feel like you are in a rut with your playing, I definitely recommend her. I have studied with other teachers in the past, but I believe I have made the most progress in the shortest time with Robin.

Michele Jackson, USA

Robin Gentlewolf is a wonderful performer, songwriter, and more recently teacher.  Her lessons are intuitive and sensitive, reaching into a variety of areas according to your needs and helping you achieve your potential in those areas. Robin is a delight to work with, keeping lessons both stimulating and always encouraging. Robin was extremely helpful in assisting me and helping me build confidence in the area of songwriting, for which I am extremely grateful.  I highly recommend Robin as a skilled and creative instructor!

Judith Kerns, USA

Robin is not only an impressing fluteplayer, but also a very inspiring teacher. She is a good listener and knows how to motivate and how to inspire me on my flute-journey.

 Arno, France


She gives us great advice on composition. She is a wonderful teacher who carefully counsels students in the composition, rhythm, and title of the song, captures their thoughts, and guides them in the right direction.

Yuki Matsumoto, Japan

I have the good fortune to be mentored in learning to play the Native American Styled Flute by Robin Gentlewolf. Robin's teaching style aptly matches her name, as she has a gentle teaching method that makes me feel comfortable and at ease. Her heart-centered teaching uniquely supports her students learning and ultimate expression of their own unique playing style.

Willow Heveron, USA

I have been having lessons with RG for a while now with the Apprentice Program. The lessons have really helped me with my playing and progress. RG is a brilliant flute mentor who has become a lifelong friend. RG explains and demonstrates everything in an easy-to-understand way. The lessons are very relaxed and I have learnt so much. I can definitely highly recommend RG as a flute mentor. You will learn and progress.

 Simon Powell, United Kingdom

I take private lessons on zoom with Robin Gentlewolf.  The Flute playing has opened a new dimension in my life! I love to learn about the history of the Native American Flute and how to play this wonderful instrument! Robin is a wonderful teacher! She is so competent, patient, generous, and encouraging! I always look forward to and warmly recommend Robin’s lessons! 

Marie Eriksson, Sweden

Robin is a fun, friendly, kind, gentle teacher.  She inspires me to challenge myself an encourages me to reach out for other opportunities. 

Debbie Domby, USA

I highly recommend Robin Gentlewolf as an instructor. I had no previous musical experience and I just love to play the flute. Robin has helped me to put more structure and fun in my playing.  She has been great at getting to the heart of any blocks or obstacles to get me moving forward again. Our bi-weekly sessions give me enough time to practice in between lessons. Robin always meets me where I’m at musically and we go from there, I never have to worry about where to start.  She has experience performing and recording live, which has helped me to perform live as well.  It has made my performance more interesting and fun with improved techniques. Now I’m getting asked to play more often and financially compensated!  Thank you Robin for all your help.

Kevin T., USA

Robin’s approach to teaching is very organic. It’s not just about the music, or technical skills, it’s about the journey a person takes with the flute. She has helped me “feel" the music I want to play and create songs with meaning. Her intuitive method of writing tablature streamlines the process of composing and allows me to quickly capture the melodies I’m feeling and begin the process of original song writing. With her kindness and empathy, Robin is truly a "Gentlewolf” who will accompany your journey every step of the way.

Terri Wright, USA

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