Embellishments and Techniques - A Complete Overview (almost 90 minutes) NAF Workshop On Demand

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Are you wanting to master NAF embellishments to become a more expressive player?  Here is the path forward!  

This incredible new "On Demand" workshop contains almost 90 minutes (128:59 minutes) of training that covers NAF Embellishments and Techniques in detail with an interactive format (like all our workshops and lessons here) - meaning, you will be playing your flutes and participating with Jan Michael as he shares how to master embellishments in an easy to follow, step-by-step lesson format.  
  • Presentation of embellishments and how to use them in your playing
  • Basic Embellishment Overview - Breath, Finger placements, and tongue control 
  • Finger Tapping
  • Emphasizing Notes
  • Trilling
  • Using the flute for percussion and rhythm techniques
  • Note Bending
  • Note Dropping
  • Note Lifting
  • Breath Modulation
  • Vibrato techniques
  • Using Pauses to set up your melodies
  • How to combine embellishments
  • Using embellishments to convey emotion 
  • *inter-active exercises to follow*
  • "homework" and practice suggestions
You will receive a viewing link via email immediately upon purchasing with no limit on re-watching - take the workshop as many times as you wish!  
Also, for those who wish to download the On Demand Workshop and Lessons to their devices for off line viewing, there is a one step process by clicking the down arrow on the bottom right of the video player.