Autographed "Flute Dance" CD

Autographed "Flute Dance" CD

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A beautiful variety of Native American Style Flute songs with a mixture of contemporary with accompaniment and more meditative flute with world percussion.

Experience the tapestry of Native American Style Flutes world percussion, and acoustic guitars all dancing together with melodies of joy, peace, love, and healing for the world. Flute Dance embarks on a journey of memorable songs by Jan Michael and RG that share the beauty of life with enlightenment that we are all connected.

Both Jan Michael and RG will personally autograph the album!

Track List.

  1. Flutes Rising

  2. Heartdance

  3. Joyful Wind

  4. Earth Harmony

  5. Sky Colors

  6. Gentlewolf

  7. Acceptance

  8. Healing Circle

  9. The Flow

  10. Flute Dance

  11. Contemplation

  12. Meditation

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