The Standing Elk Signature Flute

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We are grateful and honored to present the Standing Elk Flute, an awe inspiring signature flute by Jan Michael and crafted by Woodsounds Flutes.  This vision took over a decade to become a reality.  Exclusively available here at, the Standing Elk Flute is available in both bass Am and mid Am.

The sound of the Standing Elk Flute is incredible with a rich, full, clear voice.  The flute depicted in the photos is the bass Am with the articulated finger hole option (also available with the usual straight aligned finger hole placement).  The articulated finger hole pattern supports more control by the player for larger flutes or for players with smaller hands.  

The flute body is created from hand-selected premium grain Curly Ambrosia Maple with unique natural markings and bright Brazilian King Wood end caps that have inlays of silver bands (3 on mouthpiece and 2 on the flute end with Nigerian Ebony between them.  The base of the totem is also created from Nigerian Ebony.  On top, the totem is an elk antler with a diamond-shaped spiderweb turquoise and silver inlay. On each side of the block is a raised wind guard with matching Brazilian King Wood, Nigerian Ebony, and silver inlay.  A silver lined spiderweb turquoise elk hoof print adorns the top of the flute between the totem and finger hole. 

In addition to a world class instrument with great care in every detail of its musical voice and art design, this flute is also a tribute to the beautiful path and teachings of Jan Michael's uncle Michael Standing Elk.  The great-grandson of a Kalapuya Tribal Chief in Oregon and  younger brother of Jan Michael's father, Standing Elk was 

a highly qualified drug and alcohol counselor and a spiritual leader.  For many years, he led ceremonies and conducted a non-profit organization that helped native youth.  

Jan Michael is named after his father (Jan) and uncle (Michael).  When Jan Michael returned to his Indian Reservation, Standing Elk became his mentor in cultural practices and music.  

Standing Elk helped Jan Michael with his first NASF recordings and toured performances with him early on.

Standing Elk's teachings inspired Jan Michael's lifeway and musical journey.  One of the things, Standing Elk would often say, "If you focus on the negativity, you will attune to the dysfunction.  However, if you look for the positive in all things, then the universe will tune to you."

(Photos:  Above - Standing Elk on the reservation. Right - Jan Michael with Standing Elk in 2003)

Following Standing Elk’s tragic passing in 2005, Jan Michael could not express himself musically until he became honest with his feelings of loss and self-identity.  After sharing with his Tribe and family, Jan Michael recorded a special Native American Flute song "Standing Elk" in honor of his Uncle that celebrates life, love, healing, and the beauty of expressing our feelings. He then went on to record several versions of the song both solo flute and with his band.

From Jan Michael: "In this journey of healing, I have learned that the most important thing we have is our feelings.  It is only by accepting them that we can fully experience the beautiful connection within ourselves and others through musical self-expression.  Hayu Masi, many thanks in my Tribal language, for taking the time to read about my Uncle Michael Standing Elk.  This flute is a celebration of life itself a tribute to not only him, but each of you and the incredible music that you share with One Heart."

The backing track in multiple keys and EZ Flute Tab for the song Standing Elk is available here as well.  A video lesson and more will be posted soon.

"The song and story of Standing Elk have journeyed across Mother Earth with players sharing it in countries all over.  That said, this instrument on its own is a spectacular flute with a perfect balance of art and design.  I'm so happy that it is now a reality to be shared so players can enjoy the experience of making their own beautiful songs!Brent Haines, Artisan Flutemaker

"Working in the studio on Jan Michael's upcoming new version of the song Standing Elk has been an incredible experience.  This flute's voice is so perfectly balanced in its natural state with such fullness and rich tone that I've never heard anything like it before."  - Shawn Justice, NASF Event Producer and Media Engineer

"We wanted to create a flute that would provide a connective experience for the player both musically and visually. Both the bass version and the mid Am are perfectly balanced to hold and becomes part of you when they are played. Create your own song.  Tell your own story. Expressing our feelings musically is so healing"
Jan Michael Looking Wolf, OWMR Lifetime Achievement Recipient - NASF Recording Artist, Performer, Educator, and Author