Sea of Meditation Flute

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We are very honored to share this premiere series bass flute, Sea of Meditation by artisan flutemaker David O'Neal. Its stunningly beautiful design includes the flute body created from hand textured Curly Maple and a hand carved Basswood flute fetish (block) that is textured and airbrushed to represent a coral fan. A sea urchin shell is exquisitely mounted at the fan base. This special work of musical art is offered in the bass flute keys of C and D Minor and also in the mid-range keys of Em, Fm, F#m and Gm!

The sound of the Sea of Meditation flute is incredible with a warm, clear tone. The finger holes are moderately sized with a spacing that is more player friendly than most bass flutes. Jan Michael and RG record and perform regularly with their flutes from this amazing series (see demo video).

"I cherish my Sea of Meditation Flute, it's one of my favorite flutes to perform with and display. The detail in the texturing and art brings the flute to life before a note is played."
Robin Gentlewolf

"What an honor to work with David on this flute. I have toured internationally with mine and performed in Jamaica with it. Even though his flutes are a visual work of art, they are also created with the player in mind. The tuning, voicing, and tone are incredible. Plus they are solidly built. Trust me, I'm really hard on my flutes and his have stood up to the 'Looking Wolf travel test'...LOL."
Jan Michael Looking Wolf

"In mixing the audio and making the video for the Sea of Meditation flute, the sound of the instrument is as perfectly balanced as it gets for a NASF.  When we filmed the live concert Healing at the River, the crew and others were mesmerized by its beauty. "
Shawn Justice, Justice Productions

"Collaborating with Jan Michael on this flute creation is one of the highest honors of my flute journey. This special edition would not be a reality without his artistry and energy. Jan's journey with One Heart and his global connection in supporting flute players around the world are part of the inspiration for the Sea of Meditation Flute."
David O’Neal, Artisan Flutemaker