Native American Style Flute Academy

Native American Style Flute Academy

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In addition to the many award-winning learning resources available here, Jan Michael offers an inclusive academy of the Native American Flute. Jan Michael, Robin Gentlewolf, and their mentorship team are here to help you discover your own potential.  You will elevate control of techniques, broaden musical expression, create meaningful songs, and reach YOUR goals. Through multiple learning modalities that include:
  • Live Instruction -  Monthly personal lesson on ZOOM (1 hour)
  • *Students may record their lessons*
  • Two monthly Small Group Sessions - "Pods" where students share and learn
  • Personal Coaching
  • Workshop and Lesson Videos on Demand (watch and repeat anytime)
  • eBooks, flute tab and study materials
  • Private online group for students in the program to support each other
  • Regular Online Flute Circles
  • Access to invitation only workshops and events 
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Post-Graduation Support
  • Media Services Available
  • Cost is $150 per month

Elevate Your Playing!
Connection - Control - Purpose - Joyful Expression!

Become a Songkeeper!
Create songs that share your story - Master techniques to express your feelings!

Discover your Own Mastery!
Regardless of your goals, completing the training will elevate your playing to a higher place of connection, control, purpose, and joyful expression!  You will be more comfortable playing for others in any setting - flute circles, online, performances, or just sharing your feelings through the flute.


It's been a long, beautiful journey of learning and teaching the NAF that helped shape the effective methods and approaches that we share with our students.  Jan Michael Looking Wolf has directly (in person) taught a documented 17,000 people how to play the Native American Flute at universities, schools, reservations, workshops, and lessons.  Also, through his eBooks and online lessons, thousands of other players around the world have learned from Jan Michael.  In addition to creating curriculum and instructing fully accredited Native American Flute courses at universities for over 18 years, Jan Michael taught his first NAF workshops in 2002.  He then started his first NAF academy in 2006 called, "The Seven Directions of the Native American Flute". Over 40 NAF Players graduated that program with some becoming award winning recording artists including Mark Barger (Indian Summer Music Awards) and Tim Yett (Native American Music Awards Flutist of the Year Finalist).

In 2007, Jan Michael finished his first printed (hard copy) NAF course book with Woodsounds, then in 2009 with High Spirits. In 2012, Jan Michael and his team created the first inclusive eBook for accredited NAF courses. Following 3 years of beta testing and production, the Ebook evolved into a complete study of the instrument with dozens of interactive tutorial videos, lessons, flute diagrams, scales, songs, and techniques.

In an effort to help elevate the flute community, in 2018 Jan Michael started the current NASF Academy - a dynamic program with tailored study that produce tangible results that includes a mix of learning modalities - live instruction, group sessions, eBooks, video workshops and lessons, that all work together as the ultimate couch for his students. This is a school designed to support each NAF player's beautiful uniqueness and goals with their flute.

While many of our students have went on to become NAF recording artists such as Robin Gentlewolf, Simon Strongheart, Dennis Laughlin, Yuki Matsumoto, George Bolger, Benjamin Runningboar, and Ken Redhawk Noland, others have focused on more personal uses or becoming a NAF instructor themselves.  

This program is not a widely advertised "Subscription" or "Retail" service.  It's more exclusive with meaningful study, purposeful lessons, and proven tangible results.  Students immediately make notable progress from the very first session.  


After you pay for the first month, we will contact you within 3 business days by the email address that you provide.  Your lesson will be scheduled and materials will be provided.  At the first lesson or two, we will help assess your goals with the flute (short and long term) and work with you to customize the study program.  

"There are many songs inside you, just waiting to be shared.  All of them with your own special style.  Everyone...all of us come from Mother Earth.  We all are connected to an indigenous ancestor somewhere in place and time.  It is an honor to be part of your journey." - Jan Michael Looking Wolf