Looking Wolf-Thunder Horse Signature Flute

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This flute is available in the key of G minor and made by Elder Flutemaker Douglas Thunder Horse.  After recording several albums and videos with flutes from Douglas, Jan Michael worked with him on this special signature flute that represents the beautiful connection that we all share as human beings.  We all belong to the “pack” together.  

"We love our flutes from Douglas, they have a beautiful, traditional sound perfect for solo flute." RG and Jan Michael

Hand crafted from Premium Western Cedar, the flute is decorated with wood burned wolf paw prints at each end of the finger holes.  It features wood burned, hand painted bands at each end of Turquoise and Red. 

The flute carries the Looking Wolf signature on the side of the flute body. Tuned in the minor scale of G it comes to life with the slightest "breath of life" with a warm, traditional voice with a superb dynamic range. Bringing it into song is a hand carved "Medicine Wolf" block hand carved from Eastern Cedar. The block is attached using a premium buckskin strap. The flute has a 3/4 inch bore and is seven hands in length (approx. 23 1/4 inches). This flute is easy to play and well suited for a new player, but is also tuned masterfully for recording and performance. The flute is signed and numbered for the year and comes with brief, simple instructions for playing and care. Each flute is created to order. Wood color and grain patterns will vary as no two pieces of wood are the same.

*A flute from this series was recorded on the free music download "Evitan's Dance"*