LIVE NAF Zoom Workshop October 21st - with Jan Michael Looking Wolf

LIVE NAF Zoom Workshop October 21st - with Jan Michael Looking Wolf

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Saturday, October 21st, 10 am Pacific Time

NAF Players!  In this special live online workshop series you will ELEVATE your playing, BROADEN your techniques, IMPROVE your ability to make music, and INCREASE your control with the flute to play comfortably! 

Jan Michael Looking Wolf returns this month to help ELEVATE you flute journey!  He will be sharing how to combine techniques, learn traditional embellishments, and how to create your very own, original honor song that reflects your feelings and life!

"Everyone has a special voice and purpose with their flutes.  With so much out there that puts players in a 'box', we are grateful to present these special workshops to support your flute journey." RG and Jan Michael

The workshop will provide120 minutes of instruction, inter-active experiences, and sharing with each other.  There will be opportunities for players to share songs and visit as well.

The workshop includes:
Two focus areas - indigenous style embellishments,  and how to emphasize emotion in your melodies!
Innovative, fun techniques that will immediately improve your playing!
Q and A Sessions!

*This workshop is perfect for both newer and seasoned players*

*An email with the link and details will be provided upon purchase*