Harmony Circle Backing Track (Am)

Harmony Circle Backing Track (Am)

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A FREE Backing Track of the single "Harmony Circle".

This song is in the key of A Minor and is played at the annual World Record Flute Circle and with the World Flute Circle, a special online group with people from all over the world that play their flutes together. 

In addition to this play along track, there will be a FREE Video Lesson of how to play the song that includes a play along and FREE Flute Tab available soon (check our pages for them).

It is Jan Michael's lifeway and heart to give back and lift up others through music. From him, "May you always walk in Beauty, may you always live in Peace, and may we all play together in Harmony."

 Join us!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/worldflutecircle/

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Preview the track below.