Jan Michael does not directly sell flutes himself or here at our website. Instead he has dedicated his life to music, developing opportunities for players to learn, and sharing his techniques and methods with others.

In our modern times, there are now flutemakers across Mother Earth that can be found on every continent who create exceptional Native American Style Flutes. Indigenous tradition is that every maker and player of the flute is important – meaning that the exceptional diversity of flutemakers today adds to the beauty of our community.

Over Jan Michael’s long journey with the Native American Style Flute, he has worked with makers across the globe to help progress the instrument.  He has teamed with some of them to create special signature and limited series flutes with a diverse array of designs that collectively span nearly every available key. From ornate hand carved soft cedar to beautiful hardwoods with natural stone inlays, this collection represents the diversity that we all share together. 

Below you will find information about some of the flutemakers that Jan Michael has collaborated with and links to contact them for more information.