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Woodsounds Flutes by Artisan Flutemaker Brent Haines and his incredible team have become world renowned for “Elegance and Beauty from the Wood to the Sounds”. Jan Michael worked with Brent Haines in the early 2000s to design what would be the first ever vertical double flute with an advanced air flow system. Now, they again put their hearts together to create a new double signature flute, a Standing Elk Special Edition Flute, and the new One Heart Vision Flute.

The process and collaboration for these amazing flutes spans decades for them to become a reality. These stunningly beautiful flutes represent a combined 40 years of experience with the instrument. Brent, Jan Michael, their families, and teams put an extraordinary amount of thought and care into every step of design and creation.  In addition to his Woodsounds Signature Flutes, Jan Michael is an avid player of flutes made by Brent and longtime friend.

"Brent’s flutes are so beautiful, photos cannot relay just how naturally and yet visually artistic they are. Before they are even played, Woodsounds flutes sing!"
Shawn Justice, NASF Event Producer and Media Engineer

"I have never played flutes like Brent’s before. It's beyond words. Hard to believe but it really does sound even better than it looks!"
Tim Yett, Award Winning NASF Recording Artist and Producer

"When I received my Looking Wolf Woodsounds Signature Flute, it was really an experience that I'll never forget. It feels so balanced in my hands and becomes part of me when I play it. The volume of this flute is incredible but at the same time, each note is clear, warm and rounded. So honored to have this as part of my collection and looking forward to performing with it!"
Robin Gentlewolf, Award Winning NASF Recording Artist

"The journey of making these special  flutes with Jan Michael has been incredible. We wanted to create something that represented his own path and artistry, but also on its own would be  instruments to touch the hearts of anyone who plays them. Or hears them!"
Brent Haines, Artisan Flutemaker

"I am so grateful that this vision finally came to be and now it can be shared with the world. Many thanks to Brent and everyone on the team for all their hard work on my signature double flute, the Standing Elk Flute, and the One Heart Vision Flute.. They are truly remarkable instruments that will enhance the journey of any player. My heart is full of gratitude just to be part of Brent’s beautiful, powerful gift. Sending love to you all."
Jan Michael Looking Wolf, OWMR Lifetime Achievement Recipient - NASF Recording Artist, Performer, Educator, and Author

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Looking Wolf Signature Double Flute
Looking Wolf Signature Single Flute

The Standing Elk Signature Flute
One Heart Vision Flute

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