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Jan Michael is honored to work closely with Artisan Flutemaker Douglas Thunder Horse. Douglas began carving his flutes many years ago. From the first time he heard the indigenous flute he realized his purpose in life, to bring this beautiful instrument to life so that others could sing the song that they carried in their heart.

There were not many people out there to learn this craft from so he struggled at first until he met an old man, another flute maker that shared with him the basics and also the wisdom of why we make our flutes the way we do. He explained that every flute we make is already spoken for we just need to find the one it was carved for. He explained that our flutes are our spiritual connection. They should reflect who we are and how we walk upon the Earth.

Using the basic instructions given by the elder, Douglas developed his flutes into what they are today, playable works of art that connect with the spirit within the player whether they are a seasoned performer or a beginner. The simple symbolisms on his flutes entice the song from deep within. The “Seventh Direction”, the center of the universe.

At the turn of the century Douglas realized a lifelong dream of recording his first CD and becoming a stage performer. He soon found that performing took away from his flute shop and his primary purpose in life, to provide flutes to those who seek them. He returned to his shop to make his flutes.

In 2004 Douglas began offering his flutes internationally to recording artist, beginners and collectors all over the world. Through the years Douglas has received many awards for his flutes, but the greatest reward is always hearing his flute sing for the very first time or to see the smile on a child’s face when he plays to them.

I have always felt so blessed since the flutes began coming to life in my hands. I have been privileged to work with many exotic woods both foreign and domestic bringing the visions of my carvings to life. I have held true to my purpose and to the original way of voicing and tuning my flutes as I was shown in the beginning. Each flute has been a spiritual connection as I watch my hands work. I have kept my flutes affordable as I believe that the flute is created for the good of the people, the universe. Each new flute that leaves my shop brings a beautiful new song to the world, the more flutes that go out into the world, the more beautiful the world becomes.”

As Douglas ages he seeks to return to the flutes that started his wonderful journey. To the simple purity that captured his heart. He feels that he has come full circle as he returns to making his original “Courting” flute. Voiced and tuned using his hands, fingers and thumbs as units of measure. The way he was taught in the beginning.

My prayer from the beginning was that my flutes would always support themselves. My prayer has been answered thousand-fold. If we serve our true purpose in life, everything we need will come to us. Walk within the circle and the Creator will provide.”

I cherish my flutes created by Douglas. Each one has its own story to tell and brings many beautiful songs to my heart. Douglas lives his life in service to others and for his family. That love is reflected in his craft and can be heard in every note.”
Jan Michael Looking Wolf

Just holding a flute created by Douglas Thunder Horse, one can feel the balance and life in the wood. His attention to detail and tuning make them perfect for solo flute playing and sharing heartsongs. It is a high honor to play his flutes and know him as a brother.”
Robin Gentlewolf

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Gentlewolf-Thunder Horse Signature Flute

Looking Wolf-Thunder Horse Signature Flute


Thunder Horse Signature Flute


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