Thunder Horse Signature Flute

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Introducing the Thunder Horse Series Flute!  The flute comes in the key of F Sharp Minor an is hand crafted from Premium Western Cedar. It features a wood burned, hand painted Thunder Horse on the side of the flute. At each end of the flute are matching Lightning bands of yellow and red highlighted with blue accents. The flute is tuned in minor scale of F# and sings with a sweet, warm voice that Douglas’ flutes are so well known for. It is brought into song with one of Douglas’ “signature” blocks hand carved from Eastern Cedar. As with all his flutes, it sings with just the slightest “breath of life” The flute is chambered with a 3/4 inch bore and is seven hands (approx. 23 ¼ inches) in length. It is signed by Douglas, dated and numbered.

"We love our flutes from Douglas, they have a beautiful, traditional sound perfect for solo flute." RG and Jan Michael