Gentlewolf-Thunder Horse Signature Flute

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Sharing the vision and to honor RG, Douglas created this incredible flute that is hand crafted from premium western cedar, offered in the key of A Minor.

"We love our flutes from Douglas, they have a beautiful, traditional sound perfect for solo flute." RG and Jan Michael

The Gentlewolf-Thunder Horse Flute has turquoise painted bands at each end with matching wolf paw prints highlighting the finger holes. At the base of the instrument are hand painted flowers blooming in rich red. RG's signature appears on the bottom right hand side of the flute. Tuned in the minor scale of A, this instrument is brought to life with a simple, yet elegant RG signature block hand carved from eastern cedar. The voice of this flute is pure and rich with the traditional warmth found in all of Douglas' flutes. With a superb dynamic-range the instrument comes to life with the slightest "breath of life".  The flute features a 3/4 inch bore and is seven hands (approx. 23 1/4 inches) in length. It is signed by Douglas, dated and numbered.