Signature Flute Collections

We are honored to offer special signature and limited series Native American Style Flutes with a diverse array of designs that collectively span nearly every available minor key. From ornate hand carved soft cedar to beautiful hardwoods with natural stone inlays, this collection represents the diversity that we all share together. 

We only offer flute series here that Jan Michael and RG perform and record with.  Look for the flutes in their music videos and recordings!

Each flute is created upon order and personally approved by Jan Michael, delivery time is typically 2 to 4 weeks for most flutes. You will be contacted via email by us within 1 business day of your purchase with details.

While Jan Michael is a Native American and enrolled Tribal Member of a Federally recognized Tribe, the flutes on this site are not made by Native Americans according to the federal definition.  These are "Native American Style Flutes" a.k.a. NASF, all of premium quality. Many thanks and appreciation to our artisan flutemaker team -  Douglas Thunder Horse, Brent Haines, David O’Neal, Odell Borg, and Joe Loftin.