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Jan Michael has taught over 17,000 students how to play the NASF at universities and workshops

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Obtain a certificate in Mastery Level of the Native American Style Flute! 



Jan Michael's online NASF Apprentice Program is for players to discover their own potential with the flute.  While it includes a variety of methods, approaches, and techniques for players to fully express themselves, the program is tailored to each student’s specific goals and vision.

The Apprentice Program is open to players of all experience levels.  It's a unique opportunity to study directly with Jan Michael.

For example, some of his apprentices have become well known performing/recording artists. Others wanted to master the art of playing for personal enjoyment.  While some players complete this program to become flute instructors.

The Apprentice Program includes a monthly online individual lesson, group workshop and remote instruction that is tailored to accommodate your own goals and vision.  Also included are regular check-ins, creating and learning songs, and a detailed approach at identifying the player's own, unique voice with the flute.

The cost is $150 per month.  Jan Michael prefers to work with players for at least 6 months to help them grow significantly.

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Individual Flute Lessons Online with Robin Gentlewolf! 


Robin a.k.a. “RG” can help guide you to a closer connection with your flute.  From just starting out to the very advanced player, learn techniques and methods that will help broaden your playing abilities. RG specializes in helping players find joy in that purpose.

Online lessons with RG are roughly an hour each and can be scheduled one at a time.  The cost is $45 per lesson.  

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