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With a life dedicated to sharing the beauty of the Native American Flute, Jan Michael has taught over 17,000 students how to play the Native American Style Flute through accredited university courses, his apprenticeship program, lessons and workshops.

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Want to unlock your own potential?  Transform your technique? Create Original Songs?  New Player? 

For established players, feel like you're stuck in a rut? 

Looking Wolf NASF Apprentice Academy

Obtain a certificate in Mastery Level of the Native American Flute 


 Jan Michael's online NASF Apprentice Academy is for players to discover their own potential with the flute.  While it includes a variety of methods, approaches, and techniques for players to more fully express themselves, studies are also tailored to each student’s specific goals and vision.

With a structure of 3 stages of apprenticeship that include Apprentice, Master Apprentice, and Graduate Apprentice, this program is open to players of all levels from new players to the very experienced.  For example, some of his apprentices have become well known performing/recording artists. Others wanted to master the art of playing for personal enjoyment.  While other students complete this program to become better flute instructors.   

Study with Jan Michael and our incredible team of Mentor NASF Instructors from around the world! 

The NASF Apprentice Academy Program includes:

** 1-on-1 individual lesson per month (on zoom).  Each month, you will be provide with easy to follow instruction and and things to practice that will help journey towards your own goals. (approx. time 60 minutes per session - scheduled a month in advance at a convenient time for the Apprentice)

** Online Group Workshops lead by Jan Michael (also on zoom).  These workshops are limited for Apprentices in the program with Jan Michael sharing methods and techniques that will transform your flute playing!

** Apprentice Flute Circle Events (also on zoom).   These flute circles are an opportunity for Apprentices to share their playing and projects with each other.  Attendance is limited to current program participants and graduates.  

** Check-ins as needed with a detailed approach at identifying the player's own, unique voice with the flute. (email or messenger)

** Three Stages of Study with a Structured Curriculum. 1.  Apprentice (7 levels of achievements), 2. Master Apprentice (4 levels), 3. Graduate Apprentice (4 levels).  At your first session, Jan Michael will work with you to determine, where your starting point will be in the program and your goals.   A detailed study outline (curriculum) is provided that outlines the levels of each stage of apprenticeship.

** Access to Private Online Apprentice Group (Facebook).  Regular live lessons from Jan Michael and sharing with fellow apprentices.

** Ebooks - Backing Tracks - Tab - Lesson Videos.  Apprentices are provided with course materials at no additional cost.

** Certificates upon completion of each stage

** Media Services Available** (Additional fees - see below)

Our Team prefers to work with players for at least 6 months to help them grow significantly through the first stage of apprenticeship. 

The program cost is $150 per month. 

How to register and begin your journey in the NASF Academy - click below to pay the first month program fee and you will be contacted by email within 3 business days to schedule your first session!

Questions? Please contact us!

Meet Our International Instructor Team! 

Robin Gentlewolf

Lead Mentor

Yuki Matsumoto


Simon Powell


Jan Michael 

Academy Director

 USA Japan  England USA
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Media Productions and Services!

 Have a dream project that you need help making a reality? We are excited to offer media services by Justice Productions.  Shawn and his team have completed dozens of Native American Style Flute related projects for many well-known artists. 

Services  include:

  • Consultation on how to record your flute
  • Audio Mastering
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design for CD Jackets, Logos, etc.
  • Audio Publishing
  • Website development
  • General Consultation and Guidance 

Want to find out more and get started?  Click below to pay for the initial consultation session ($50) and a member of Shawn's team will contact you within 3 business days.

Photo below:  Jan Michael playing NAF on the banks of the Willamette River in his Tribal Homelands.  He resides just a few miles from the location of a historical Kalapuya Tribal village.  Jan Michael is a direct descendent of the Chief of the Tribe.  In addition to being a renowned NAF Recording Artist and Instructor, Jan Michael is a modern day practitioner of his Tribal Culture.   

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