High Spirits Flutes

Like most NASF players, Jan Michael has been playing High Spirits Flutes created from Odell Borg since his journey began.

Over the years, Jan and Odell shared a heart to create beauty in the world with music and flutes.  Jan recorded several CDs produced and released through High Spirits and performs regularly with their flutes.

“From day one I have taken great pride in upholding the MADE IN THE USA tradition of craftsmanship. We are committed to being environmentally sustainable and non-toxic materials. Each flute is created from raw, kiln-dried wood, which is then hand finished with a specially formulated blend of natural oils that protects each flute's musical voice and physical beauty.” Odell Borg

High Spirits Flutes has been handcrafting native flutes since 1990 and from the beginning it has been their mission to connect others with the joy and pleasure they’ve experienced in creating and sharing the native flute, as well as to give back to the beautiful, global flute-playing community by offering enrichment and support to each person’s unique musical journey. 

“Odell is more than a flutemaker to me, he is a mentor and life-long friend.  I love playing his flutes and am honored to have several signature flutes offered by Odell and his team.” Jan Michael Looking Wolf

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Looking Wolf Signature Flute
Wolf Pack Signature Double Flute (finger holes on single side)

Wolf Pack Signature Double Flute (finger holes on both sides)

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