NASF Apprentice Program

Obtain a certificate in Mastery Level of the Native American Style Flute! 

This program is for players who desire to achieve their potential with the flute. While it includes a variety of methods, approaches, and techniques for players to fully express themselves, the program is tailored to their specific goals, vision, and availability.  

For example, some apprentices have become a performing/recording artist. Others wanted to master the art of playing for personal enjoyment. And some players complete this program to become CERTIFIED instructors.  Due to the individual approach, the program is suitable for both highly experienced and new players.

The NASF Apprentice Program includes monthly lessons and remote instruction, regular check-ins on playing/study "assignments", creating and learning songs, and a detailed approach at identifying the player's own, unique voice with the flute. For established players the time to to complete the program is 4 to 8 months. However, additional time can be permitted. 

  • Four Month Apprenticeship Program - $750
  • Eight Month Apprenticeship Program - $1,400
Send an email to and our staff will ensure that it is delivered to Jan Michael.  In your email, please include a brief summary of the following:
  1. Your name and general location
  2. Experience with the NASF
  3. Goals and Interests with the NASF

"May you all walk in beauty, may you all live in peace, and may we all play together in harmony." - Jan Michael Looking Wolf


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